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Sharks with Lasers LLC. is a Denver based laser cutting service provider.  We specialize in non-metal material cutting services for businesses and individuals. Our service area is nationwide with major shipping service providers. Sharks with Lasers is a reliable business service provider with business acumen, knowledgeable staff, and the capability to meet your just-in-time production needs.

  • Precise Cutting – As a cutting service provider, we specialize in precise, non-metal material cutting.  We focus on batch production and are able to provide repeat, reliable and timely delivery of cut parts.

  • Post-Cut Services – Post cut processing services are offered, which may include, finish sanding, vibratory tumbling, flame polishing, and others.

  • Design – Designing services are offered with a focus on accurate cutting tolerances, premium edge quality retention and efficient material usage.

  • Consulting – Project consulting services are offered to help integrate our services with your operation.  Our goal is to become a premier quality, reliable, and scalable vendor for your operation.

  • Assembly & Shipping – Assembly services are available. Direct to customer shipping services are offered within the United States.

About Us
“Sharks with Lasers is amazing! They worked diligently on a time sensitive design to make sure it was perfect. They put in extra time to make every detail exactly right. I couldn’t be happier with the final product!”
Martha Wood

How to Work With Us

Cutting Services and Part Drawings:

  • For individual parts and non-recurring batch operations, we offer free online quoting services 24 hours a day with a CAD file (.dxf and .dwg).
  • For recurring batch productions, or for custom material orders, contact us to discuss your needs.

Design Services: Contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to help.

Our Materials

Our 150W laser specializes in soft material cutting. Capable of cutting up to 1” acrylic and 3/4” plywood.

Capabilities & Tolerances:

  • Bed area of 36” x 24” with pass thru access for parts up to 20’
  • Maximum depth of 7” within bed area
  • Maximum depth of 3” for pass thru access
  • Tolerance: ±0.002 inches
Our Materials

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