Diving Into The Deep

Sharks with Lasers, LLC. is a Colorado-based, family owned and operated business.  Clayton and Stephanie founded the company in 2017 to fill a niche, business focused, non-metal cutting service provider for the Denver area, and select operations nationwide.

Our diverse backgrounds and personal passions came together to form the company as a value-add business partner.  Stephanie Savage brings forward her career experience from ISO accredited laboratories and a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry.  Her laboratory experience and education has given her proficiency with large instrumentation, establishing standard operating procedures, and experience within ISO accredited facilities.

Clayton Street has a diverse business background from his Banking career, and general entrepreneurship.  He is an innovator who enjoys machinery & engineering in his free time.

  • Stephanie Savage – Degree in Chemistry, worked in an ISO accredited state lab and is mechanically inclined.  She studied lasers in pursuit of her degree.  She brings forward her experience to establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure all services are of the highest quality.  Stephanie handles all aspects of the business and is primarily responsible for production and management.

  • Clayton – Degrees in finance, marketing, and small business management.  As a self-proclaimed gearhead and innovator, Clayton helps with financial management and provides a robust business background to ensure a viable and sustainable business model.

  • Ryan – Mechanical Engineer Technician.

Colorado Based Company

As a Colorado based company, we take pride in our community and actively manage our environmental impact.

The company practices safe material handling in accordance with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) guidelines, recycles waste materials, and filters all exhaust fumes in efforts to keep an eco-friendly operation. We actively manage operations to utilize as much of the base material as possible to reduce waste products.

Like many small businesses, we strive to deliver the highest quality product, but go the extra mile to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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